Military Matters aims to promote discussion on issues of strategic, foreign policy and humanitarian concern by sharing our opinions and the opinions of informed guest bloggers.  Set up in January 2011, Military Matters is the creation of Dane Vallejo and Matt Jones who met while working at The Henry Jackson Society, a London based think tank.

Dane Vallejo is currently working as a Research Assistant at The Henry Jackson Society where he researches and writes on a range of issues including: counterinsurgency and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Latin American issues; Eurasian energy geopolitics; and China's strategic rise in Central and South East Asia.  Dane is the author of an upcomming Strategic Briefing: 'Revaluing our COIN - Moving British counterinsurgency forward in the 21st century.'  He has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Politics from the University of Leicester and an MA in Strategic Studies with Distinction from the University of Birmingham.

Matt Jones is a former researcher at the Henry Jackson Society with particular interest in US and UK foreign policy, the history of International Relations in the 20th Century, and the relationship between religion and politics. He helped to write an article on Chinese energy policy in Central Asia, to be published in a European Journal. Matt holds an MA with distinction in International Relations from King’s College London and an Honours degree in History from Cardiff University.

Disclaimer: All views on this blog are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect the views of their colleagues or of their current or former employers.